Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What Science Tells Us About Maximizing English as a Second Language Learning

This is a very interesting to read:

When it comes to maximizing your studying, what can we learn from science? A lot. Check out these 10 scientific proven tips to help you with your ESL studies and school/work presentations and boost your confidence: 1) study right before you fall asleep; 2) review the information first thing in the morning; 3) get a sufficient amount of sleep; 4) tell yourself a meaningful story using a variety of sentence patterns; 5) write out important information to visualize; 6) read information out loud; 7) quiz yourself or have others quiz you; 8) try spaced repetition; 9) eat a healthy diet and exercise; and 10) persevere to build optimal performance.

1. Study Before You Go to Sleep. It is good to study right before you fall asleep. During sleep, your brain strengthens new memories so you increase your chance of remembering the important stuff right before an exam. Apparently while sleeping, the brain secretes chemicals that help secure memories. So plan your studying accordingly and include some study time in the evenings, right before bedtime.
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